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How Should I Manage My Scoliosis With Yoga?

Last Updated: May 14, 2015 12:19PM CDT
First I'll mention that from basic anatomy studies it's not possible to offer a sophisticated therapeutic plan - and that scoliosis manifests differently in each person. Even if two people have the same degrees and kinds of curvatures, their bodies will develop very different patterns around those curvatures.

I'd suggest (as I almost always do) that people start by finding the pathways of weight through the spine (which is still possible when there's curvatures), then through the lower limbs and upper limbs.

Then look for balanced joint space in those pathways of weight . . . As we get to know how our bones relate to each other, they (the bones) often have their own contribution to the conversation about what needs to happen! And then you might be able to feel for yourself when it's helpful to practice asymmetrically, and when symmetrically.
​ - Amy Matthews,

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