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Do you offer scholarships or student discounts? This course is very expensive for a yoga teacher...

Last Updated: May 14, 2015 10:43AM CDT
First - you're right. This is a professional training course with personal support, lifetime enrollment, automatic access to all updates, and direct access to Leslie & Amy, and is a corresponding investment in your education.

If you're not in the place right now to devote this level of time, attention, and resources to your yoga path - that's okay - it's probably not the right time for you to take the course.

In the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy the free newsletters we've put together so anyone can benefit from the information in our courses until they're at a place to join us. If you'd like to start receiving our newsletters, you can sign up for Leslie's here, and Amy's here.

However, if you know this is the right time for you, and you're just trying to figure out how to make the numbers work, here are some strategies we've seen used by other course graduates:

(1) Spread Out Your Investment...
Did you know that we offer a 6-month payment plan? This means that the cost of the course is about $13 per day, or less than a drop-in yoga class in most of the country. Does re-framing it for yourself in terms of daily spending habits make things any more feasible? (If something closer to $7 per day would work better for you, see the last note on this page...)

(2) Create Your Own Scholarship Fund...
Though we don't have an internal scholarship program, we do have current students who've successfully received financial aid for this course from places like:
  • The yoga studio where they’re employed
  • Family & friends (gift)
  • Entire social network via GoFundMe campaign:

We’ve also had other students teach special yoga workshops specifically for their continuing education fund.  The possibilities are endless if you decide you want to make it happen.

(3) Where Do You Need CEUs? This Might Count In Multiple Places...
Do you need continuing education hours with the Yoga Alliance? British Wheel of Yoga? Yoga Alliance in Australia? What about ACE or another fitness training association?

We've had graduates successfully use this course for continuing education credits from all these bodies and more, so it's worth checking out to see if the dollars you spend here will be applicable towards other CEUs that you'll have to find somewhere.

(4) Tax Deductions...
Know that all our courses are 100% Tax Deductible if you're a yoga or fitness professional. 

(5) Take The Long View...
If you're still on the edge about if this is worth it for you, you might choose to think about the financial & professional stresses that education like this could alleviate in your future. 
"So totally terrific - worth every penny! Leslie's warmth and knowledge and willingness to consider other possibilities was key. It was fun, not dry. The course itself was broad in its scope as well as deep, and made connections between diverse concepts. The progression/organization of information is so smart as well as thought provoking.

As a direct result of this course my teaching and my practice benefit from a greater confidence in the feedback my experience gives me. Among other things, I encourage students to see their efforts from the inside not from the outer form. I have also discussed the changes as I've make them. It is all a relief."
- Kat Grausso, Yoga Teacher, New Jersey

P.S. If you're looking for a plan that would end up being less than $7 per day, read on...

We actually used to offer a 12-month payment plan that worked out to $207/month. We ended up switching back to the 6-month plan that we started with because our students overwhelmingly preferred it.

The reasons we switched back to the 6 month are...
  • Many students move through the course in a shorter time than 12 months, and it doesn't feel good to be paying for something after you've already received your certificate of completion, for example.
  • Because of the way our payment processor works, we are charged slightly more for processing for each additional payment, so we have to increase the price slightly (hence the $207/month.) 
  • 12 months is a longer period of time to deal with potential changes like your credit card expiring, changing banks, moving addresses, etc... All things that make back-and-forth emailing between you and I to try and figure out why the payments aren't going through.

All that said... If you would really like to take the course, and the $207/month for 12 months plan sounds good to you, I am more than happy to extend it to you! We just wanted to let you know all the potential pitfalls so you could make an educated decision.

To enroll with this option, just click here to email us. Please let us know which course you'd like to sign up for, that you've read all the info about the 12-month plan, you understand the benefits and drawbacks, and that you'd like the enrollment link. And welcome! =)

Need help? Get in touch! Use the link below to contact our support team, or check out the different course options on our site.
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